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EXotix Super Strong 500mg pill is the most popular pill among the party animals. It is an extremely strong euphoric pill and it is designed for those who desire the ultimate spiritual high. It comes on fast and the rush has a nice wee smack. So don't say you haven't been told! DO NOT DOUBLE DROP! The effects may be overwhelming for anyone with a low tolerance, and it is not recommended for first timers. This is the strongest legal ecstasy available on the market.

Plant Feeder. Not For Human Consumption. Always Water In Well After Application!

InfectedPlants! test result: Attention Diablo XXX fans! Here is the NEW FORMULA, a Super Strong formula from the producer of the well known Diablo XXX. They claim EXotix is better and stronger than Diablo XXX. Now, the bad news is EXotix isn't stronger than Diablo XXX, the good news is EXotix is an unbelievable product and better in many ways. We tried it a lot and noticed that EXotix is a mix of Ex and Speed, so it is different and might be better than Diablo XXX if you are looking for this type of mixed effect. Some of our Tester fellows were shocked about the strength of EXotix and since we introduced this product, our customers are mad about it, everyone simply lovs it so far. We gave it a sure 10/10 rate, it is a perfect, very strong product that can be enjoyed responsibly in parties. Effect comes in the same way 1-1.5 hours just like in the case of Diablo XXX, lasts for 6-7hours and no bad comedown effect at the end. Always start with 1 pill, do not double drop. We are proud to announce that EXotix is a new TOP of the range product in our e-shop. THE BEST CHOICE FOR FESTIVALS OR FOR PARTIES! Enjoy it!

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