Herbal Incences / Blueberry Haze Ultra (3gr)


3gr bag

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Novelty collectors item.
Strictly not for human consumption!

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AM-HI-CO's Blueberry Haze Ultra is a very unique novelty collectors item with a 2022 formula. Marshmellow based. Strength index score 7.8/10

NEW AM-HI-CO Product! It has a well deserved place in our selection!/p>

InfectedPlants! test result: Aah, as soon as hold it in your hand you can sense the blissful mist approaching. :) Some very nice vibes coming off of this one, and all this before actually doing anything with it. ;) The blueberry flavour is over the roof, can't get enough! And it really does feel like you would become one with the clouds - riding on the gentle breezes in weightlessness. Not too strong, won't need a parachute, but paints the smile with a strong ink!

Ingredients: Baybean, Blue Lotus, Indian Warrior, Pink Lotus, Damiana, Maconha Brava, Marshmallow Althea, Blueberry, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Vanilla Orchid

Legal status: NEW ingredients to meet with the latest 2022 law changes. Ready to be shipped anywhere.

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