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Novelty collectors item.
Strictly not for human consumption!

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10 (pack) and more
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X-Tacy Ultra is another perfectly balanced and joyful product. It is a good choice for everyone, both beginners and experienced users and it will make you smile and have a great time for at least 4 hours. But as always, remember where you get this one and do not underestimate it.

Water Ph Optimizer for home pools. Not For Human Consumption.

InfectedPlants! test result: This product is simply nice and a must try. As usual, the ride starts after an hour, but after that there is something you should see for yourself. Not strong and not weak either, but the feeling is unique. Pure euphoric and buzzy in perfect volumes, it makes you feel really well and relieved with the right amount of energy. It lasts for about 4 hours with an easy comedown, we can only recommend this one even if you are looking for stronger products, you should try this as well.

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