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Novelty collectors item.
Strictly not for human consumption!

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Wasted is a very potent pot pourri that releaves a strong relaxing fragrance when burned and contains a specially selected blend of plants & aroma.

The NUMBER ONE product, the strongest on the world right now in the NEW STRONGEST RANGE! NatureXience's WASTED has an excellent and unique CHERRY COKE aroma, and quite frankly it is the strongest we have ever tried. :) BE WARNED!

InfectedPlants! test result: The whole Team is WASTED damn it! Please guys read this very carefully: Wasted is so strong that it smokes Bonzai alive! In fact, it is almost too strong if there is such a thing. Take the strongest Russian Vodka available on Earth, and double its potency. Now you got Wasted :) Or, add 50% to Bonzai. Now you got Wasted again. We have tried close to 1000 products so far but this thing beats them all. Just when you thought there is no such thing to beat Demon, here comes Wasted and Bang! It scored I have no idea... maybe 20 scores out of the 10. Maximum 2 hits and you are Wasted for 6 hours! Please, if you are a beginner in this field then don't try this. We wanted to have something in our stores that is just unbelievably strong, and NX has delivered it to us and to you. No hard feelings guys but if anyone of yous can tell us a stronger and we mean HARDCORE STRONG blend than Wasted then we want to hear from you! Keep the feedbacks coming, we have A NEW KING! Please use it responsibly!

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