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0.5g powder pack
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Strictly not for human consumption!

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Sextacy concentrated bath salt. Relax and soak away with Sextacy. Add the contents to a hot bath to naturally soften the water which will leave you feeling very soothed and relaxed.

Please, if you are a first time user of Sextacy we strongly recommend to start with a very tiny amount to your bath to see your body's tolerance. Once you get used to the strong effect of Sextacy in your bath you can use more to reach the complete relaxation you want.

InfectedPlants! test result: An excellent and premium product, very similar to Ivory Wave but it has some extra stuff added to it so it is an excellent aphrodisiac. It makes you very very horny and puts you in wonderland in the middle of your bath. Don't be surprised if you find yourself on top of your loved one, we warned you :) USE IT WITH CAUTION, very strong and will make your bath very fast :) Start with very tiny amount. Comes in about 10 minutes lasts for 3-4 hours. Anyway, great product folks, highly recommended with caution. A MUST TRY!

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