Psychedelics / Mellow Madness (5 pills pack)


5 pills pack
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Novelty collectors item.
Strictly not for human consumption!

Price per unit
1 to 2 (pack)
USD 25.65
3 to 4 (pack)
USD 20.98
5 to 9 (pack)
USD 17.49
10 (pack) and more
USD 13.99

Mellow Madness is a novelty collectors item with a tryptamine class formula.
Strength index score: 8/10.
The first in the psychedelics range!

InfectedPlants! test result: Finally! The proper psychic forces are around us and with us! Great visuals, twisting and turning, wonderful colours and a wonderful life! With this in your collection a brave new world is awaiting for you and you better pack for at least 4-5 hours.. :) We were seriously blown away by the tones of this beauty and experienced some magical wonders and truths about our universe! Keep in mind, visits should not be more frequent than 3-4 days and the environment is half the story. Other than that, for us this scored a massive 10 out of 10!

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