Herbal Incences / Demon (3gr)


3gr bag
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Novelty collectors item.
Strictly not for human consumption!

Price per unit
1 to 2 (bag)
USD 36.82
3 to 4 (bag)
USD 30.12
5 to 9 (bag)
USD 25.10
10 (bag) and more
USD 20.08

Demon is a herbal hair henna with a 2017 formula. Strength index score: 8.5/10.

NEW & STRONGER VERSION! FINALLY! The First product that can really kick Bonzai's ass! Wicked aroma, extremely strong and the first in the NEW STRONGEST RANGE!

InfectedPlants! test result: Finally the first member of the range is here! Hey guys, we know we promised them earlier, but the manufacturer is made of human also and they are having some delays in the production due to extremely high demand and popularity already. So, Demon has a very wicked kind of Cherry Sensation flavour. It is extremely potent and really stronger and better than Bonzai. We gave it 10 scores easily, effect is very similar to Bonzai but a bit more intense.

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